FUORIPISTA represents a new way of interpreting a fitness accessory, no longer gym exclusive but so beautiful that becomes an object of desire, to show off, to praise, one you would ride with pride and joy. A dream machine along with you would ride away some of the most spectacular cycling routes in the world, virtualised on a tablet mounted on its front.

“Fuoripista” rappresenta un nuovo modo di interpretare ‘l’attrezzo per il fitness’ non più destinato solo alle palestre ma così bello da diventare oggetto del desiderio, da mostrare, da vantare, su cui salire con orgoglio e piacere. Una macchina da sogno, su cui sognare di percorrere i più duri e spettacolari passi montani italiani, su cui sfidare in rete internet gli amici sui percorsi più belli del mondo che verranno virtualizzati sul tablet posizionato sul fronte.

“FUORIPISTA” allows to enjoy a (riding) passion in full and without a compromise, with extremely performant technologies which you won’t have to hide under the bed, in the closet nor the basement, on the contrary it gives a pleasure in every place it is displayed.

“Fuoripista” permette di godere di una passione appieno e senza compromessi, con un sistema di allenamento ai vertici tecnologici per performance e che non devo nascondere sotto il letto, nel ripostiglio, nello scantinato ma che anzi da il piacere di ostentare la sua presenza in ogni luogo.



Mit seinen streng angewinkelten Handgrifen und scharfkantigen Füßen wirkt das Fuoripista eher wie ein aggressiver Stier denn wie ein harmloses Ergometer. Durch die niedrige Sitzposition hat man dann auch tatsächlich das Gefühl, auf einem wilden Tier aus gehär- tetem Glas, Hartholz und Chrom zu reiten – denn auf einem Trimm- dich-Rad zu strampeln. Immerhin: Dank des Brooks-Sattels sitzt man bequem.




Wir wollen Sie ins Schwitzen bringen: Also rein in die Sportklamotten, und los gehts! Eine gute Figur sollte man schliesslich nicht nur während der Badesaison machen.

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From a tempered-glass exercise bike to a dichroic table lamp, this smart design is crystal clear

From its angled handlebars to the fierce stance of its legs, this performs like a luxury exercise bike, complete with iPad integration, but looks like an angry glass bull. Built from tempered glass, expertly crafted solid wood and a smattering of chrome, even the low seat position feels more wildebeest than workout. The classic Brooks saddle ensures a smooth ride. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


Freeride Is An Exercise Bike Made From Glass, Wood, And Steel

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Salone Satellite in Milan, Adriano Design was chosen to showcase an original piece named ‘Freeride‘, that was designed specifically for this event. ‘Freeride‘ is an exercise bike that’s been designed as an object to desire and show off, but at the same time, is practical and can be ridden with pride and joy. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


Fuoripista Exercise Bike

After lending their design expertise to the world of indoor table games with their beautiful ping pong, pool, and foosball tables, Adriano Design is ready to tackle home exercise equipment. The Fuoripista Exercise Bike is the fruit of their labor and is a piece that would look more comfortable in a museum than it would in a gym. Constructed using wood, glass, and polished chrome, it also includes a stand for your tablet to track rides or entertain during a workout. The bike's first destination is SaloneSatellite: an event that showcases work from some of the best young designers in the world.

The Fuoripista exercise bike may be more fun to look at than to ride.

Most home exercise machines are purchased in the heat of a motivational moment and, in many cases, are little used or not at all. After a while, the bikes, step machines, treadmills, and ellipticals are relegated to back corners, garages, basements, or folded up and put under a bed. Milan’s Adriano Design has the answer to single-purpose workout gear. The studio’s Fuoripista will never be tucked away because it doubles as sculpture. SaveSave

The FUORIPISTA by Adriano Design Is One Wild Ride

If you’ve ever attended Salone del Mobile design fair in Milan, you know the real innovative finds are over at the concurrent SaloneSatellite. This year, the offshoot satellite show is celebrating 20 years of showcasing young up-and-coming talent from around the globe, including the FUORIPISTA, a truly wild fitness machine by Adriano Design.


Fuoripista Is the Most Beautiful Exercise Bike You'll See All Day

An offshoot of the annual Salone del Mobile design fair in Milan, the SaloneSatellite celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. In lieu of this occasion, design studio Adriano Design has dedicated its latest design, the Fuoripista exercise bike, exclusively to the event. Made of glass, wood and polished chrome, Adriano Design intends for the Fuoripista to be “a new way of interpreting a fitness accessory, no longer gym exclusive but so beautiful that becomes an object of desire, to show off, to praise, one you would ride with pride and joy.” SaveSave SaveSave

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